Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 47: Newfound Cooking Skills

Penang Curry with Shrimp and Veggies
          I walked for a mile during my break and then I decided to cook a Thai dish for the first time.  I love Thai food so I’m really excited about trying to recreate my favorite dish with shrimps.  It was surprisingly simple to do.  I just followed the instructions from the curry sauce and then added shrimps, vegetables, and spices. 
Looking back, my previous lack of cooking skills had to do with my comfort level in the kitchen.  I also didn’t pay attention how much processed foods or fast foods affected my nutrition and health.  Now I can say that awareness and knowledge are powerful tools upon changing my lifestyle.  I just had to see how others do it and then tried them out myself.
I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the help of the coaches and other bootcamp testgroup members who openly share their healthy habits.  I’m grateful for all of those and I’m looking forward to utilizing my newfound cooking skills.

Day 46: What Challenges Do


            I enjoyed the yoga class which I attended during my lunch break today.  I got very good stretches all over my body and the instructor was a lot better than the last one.  I’m also beginning to feel more comfortable with using blocks and stretch band.  I think yoga complements well with the bootcamp class.  It’s relaxing and engages my mind as well.
            Total Body Thursdays at KZX bootcamp is always challenging but I actually like it.  Yes, apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment.  Then again, the challenges build me to be a stronger and better person. 
I think it’s amazing how far everyone in the test group has achieved thus far.  Each of us has been working very hard towards achieving our goals one day at a time.  The encouragement and support from the coaches and one another keep us strong especially when we face obstacles along the way.     

Day 45: Highest Potential

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed,
a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be
released and channeled toward some great good.”
-Brian Tracy

            I actually like doing the lower body exercises in Bootcamp.  I knew that my legs are the strongest parts of my body but it was through the exercises in bootcamp class which has pushed me to aim for my highest potential by reaching beyond my comfort zone.  It helps that Maia is always asking how much more we can do, ie kick faster or higher, as we move up to the next level.  I may feel sore the next day but I know that I’ve given it my best shot. As the days go on, I keep in mind the things I’ve learned and apply it to the way I work in the future.  Each day gives me an opportunity to start anew and reach for the stars.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 44: Arms and Running

Running around DC
        I ran/walked 2.5 miles around the Ellipse today.  Apparently, it was also the same day that the First Lady, joined by 400 students, attempted to break the World Record for the most number of jumping jacks within a time limit.  There's always something interesting going on around the nation's capital so a couple of miles go faster than doing it in the treadmill.
        We focused on the arms by using the bands during the bootcamp class today.  It's exciting to see the little bumps popping up from my arms.  I love learning how to use the bands in class.  It's a great way to exercise at home without the weights.
             I reviewed my food journal today and it looks like I'm eating too much carbs.  I'm concerned that I had over 1600 calories but fortunately off-set by working out twice today.  I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with my body and why I'm eating more all of a sudden.  I will be more conscious about what I eat, how my body feels, and continue working on my goals which I set this week. Today is done but I can always start positively tomorrow.

Day 43: Following the great explorer

"By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions,
one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination."
- Christopher Columbus

Look what I cooked!

          It was nice to have the day off today.  As the great discoverer said, one may unfailingly arrive at this chosen goal by overcoming all obstacles or distractions.  Just imagine where we would be today if he wasn't courageous enough to explore beyond the unchartered territories.
         I went to the Kazaxe class in the morning and enjoyed dancing what my mama gave me!  It's the most fun way to burn calories.  There was even a pregnant lady in the class and overheard her comment that it didn't feel like working out at all. 
        I also decided to make salmon with sweet and spicy salsa, white rice, and baby brussel sprouts for lunch and dinner.  I was so excited that it turned out yummy.  I'm getting better at cooking and incorporating veggies to my meals.
        The bootcamp class was difficult but Maia kept pushing us through.  My knees were bothering me for some reason today.  I may have to get new shoes since I've been wearing a rather old pair of running shoes. 
        We also had our two week weigh-in today.  My weight and the measurement of most of my body parts remained the same from the last weigh-in.  Talking to the coaches reminded me not to focus on the figures because there are a lot of other factors which are more important to think about.  Actually, I'm happy as long as there wasn't any significant weight gain.  So far, I've lost 2" on my waist which makes me very happy!
         Aside from the bootcamp classes four times a week, my goals this week are:  to continue running or doing yoga three times a week, healthy cooking three times this week, noting my food journal on My fitness pal again, and reducing the everyday stress level by preparing ahead of time.           

Day 42: Walking around Georgetown

             After taking time to rest on Friday and festivities on Saturday, my family and I walked around Georgetown to enjoy the beautiful weather today.  We walked for an hour by the Harbor and the shops.  I see how hard it is to find the time to work-out when there are a lot of events and activities so I have to schedule it or creatively find a way to make the simple things we do as a work-out.
            I do realize that I need to work-out harder this week to burn off the calories which I gained from the family gatherings this weekend.  For some reason, I've been eating more than what I'm used to since I started the challenge.  I have been able to do the 1200 calories a day but in the last couple of days, I've been consuming 200-400 more calories.  I wonder if my body is craving for more due to stress or just craving for more food due to the recent adjustments with my body.  As Maia suggested, I have to listen to my body.

Day 41: Fun